Case Studies

Lower Back Pain

Client presented with lower back pain restricting him from day to day activities, working out in the gym and driving was also an issue.  This was not the first time that he experienced lumbar pain restriction – this was the third occasion his “back went” and it had been happening over the period of two years.

After the initial postural assessment and consultation it was agreed that we would work together over a course of massage treatments to achieve Jon’s goal, which was to resume usual activities without discomfort and get back into the gym and retain fitness levels. 

The first session I only concentrated on the right hand side of the body as the left was so inflamed around the lower back muscles it was a contra indication to massage.  Aftercare advice was given in the form of icing and rest and the next massage was scheduled within one week.

We continued with weekly massages for 8 weeks.  The muscles gradually responded well over this period of time and but there was still some inflammation present.  The massages focussed on increasing the range of movement and improving function of the lower back muscles, glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors.  During this time we discussed muscle patterns and functions, posture awareness, fitness alternatives, driving position, nutrition, hydration and everything that goes hand in hand with a mindful well being lifestyle. 

Again all aftercare advice and self stretches were followed and maintained helping to improve the muscles.

After the 8 week period, we were able to space out the massage to every other week.  We now have reached the target of a monthly massage which is perfect to keep Jon in a place of well being and onto a maintenance programme. 

With his commitment to massage he is now functioning really well.  Jon has reached his goal and, importantly, is more aware of his posture and has incorporated small changes in his day to day activities to help keep him moving better.  He is now able to enjoy an active lifestyle without discomfort.

Injury and stress

Client initially presented with neck & chest pain after a fall that impacted on the back of her head.  Xrays did not show any broken bones or fractures.

After a thorough consultation it was discussed that the main objective was to eliminate discomfort around the neck and shoulders physically and reduce stress and tension mentally – the effects of which manifest in a negative way on the physical body.  The client had been feeling the effects of stress for some time and these resulted in bad habits such as broken sleep patterns, anxiety, prone to infections, aching muscles and tension.

Upon palpation the muscles needing attention were upper shoulders, mid therrasic and neck area.  Anterior – we needed to also include the chest and ribs.

We began a series of weekly massages and after the fourth session the muscles had responded and reacted far quicker than I had anticipated and Leanne was feeling much better. Therefore, we spaced out the sessions to every other week and after 6 sessions the tension in the muscles had reduced and flexibility and movement was far improved. 

Together we also incorporated some changes into her lifestyle.  We adapted the bedtime routine, we put in some coping strategies, we looked at diet and spoke about using some essential oils and remedies.  Reiki was also included in her wellness plan.  This combination worked well and helped enormously to reducing the stress and tension, which in turn, helped the physical body.

The commitment to the wellness plan alongside massage was upheld with self stretching exercises, awareness of posture and mindfulness.

It resulted in a happy client who now feels emotionally and physically stronger.

Shoulder Pain

Donna presented with shoulder pain and restrictions through the shoulder joint.  This prevented her from working out in the gym and caused problems during her day to day life.

After the consultation we concluded Body Pump at the gym was the main trigger to the pain, so I advised her to stop all activities whilst we concentrated on massaging and stabilising the shoulder.

After the first session I advised Donna to ice religiously, rest, hydrate and return for massage in one weeks time.  The muscles focussed on were deltoid upper fibres and rotator cuff – namely Teres Major.

Donna maintained weekly sessions for a period of 6 weeks and during this time we gained increased range of movement and restored suppleness back to the muscles. The discomfort also reduced however Donna still refrained from activities in the gym.  The sessions did lead me to discover weakness in the lumbar area and this was something Donna was unaware of, until  it was highlighted.  We incorporated the lower back muscles and glutes into the treatments.

After a further few weeks the shoulder pain had dissipated but the lower back region still required further attention.  In the meantime we put together a programme to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.  I set the series of exercises to be carried out at home, but we agreed these could also be done in the gym – so Donna felt she was utilising the gym and getting back into the environment. 

Further deep tissue massage and sports techniques were used to improve the function of the muscular system on the whole of the back.  The shoulder exercise programme was successful and restored stability and strength back to the damaged tissues.

Donna was able to resume activities in the gym and feels stronger and more conscious of how her body functions. 

Donna now comes regularly for massage which helps to keep her in a good place of well being.

Runners Shin Splints

Client presented with shin splints in both legs.  Training for the Brentwood ½ marathon was being hindered by the injury and there was 8 weeks to go until the event so the priority to client was to be fit enough to take part.

We carried out twice weekly intensive sessions focussing on the lower limbs using a variety of sports techniques and stretches. 

Jen dropped her training to rest (her fitness was already achieved we had to concentrate on repairing the area). 

Four weeks before the race we were still having weekly massage sessions working into and around the affected area and there was great improvement so we were able to work deeply. 

Jen was also able to squeeze in a few miles and performed much better, but rested one week before the actual event.

Orthotics were also prescribed and Jen had a slight pronation to her running gait.

Jen was able to take part successfully in the race and finished without injury or discomfort  – completing her dream and goal to run the whole race.


I have found Clare to be warm and caring. She gives an excellent massage and always seems to go that extra mile with regards to any aches or pains you may have. I would thoroughly recommend her. "

- Barbara, Leigh-on-Sea

Clare's sports massages played an important role in good muscle function both before and after the training for a half marathon. Clare's gentle yet professional manner put me at ease and the sessions were relaxing and healing. Clare also educated me on exercises to do at home, to further my understanding in preventing injury, also providing handouts was very impressed with the whole service and would recommend it to friends and family. "

- Jeanenne

I can genuinely recommend Clare treatments. Perfect time for me in this busy world we live in. It is so good for rebalancing, refocussing and taking care of mind body & soul I go to Clare more regularly than I go to the hairdressers. I would not want to miss it. Fabulous :) "

- Sheila

Being quite an active person I regularly injure myself which historically I've ignored. Now I'm older and wiser at the first twinge of an injury I'll book in with Clare. I'm not saying she has magic hands but she has managed to break down many knots and niggles which could of potentially stopped me training. One thing I really do love about Clare is her honesty, if she doesn't know what the problem is, she'll admit it and go do her homework. She'll also not take your money if she isn't the right practitioner for you. "

- Angie

Recommended by my daughter, Clare has greatly improved my back and I would recommend her without hesitation.  Thank you Clare. "

- Wendy, Rochford

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