Exercise is an important part of my life, practising yoga, pilates and also running and cycling and maintaining fitness makes me feel better.  I have taken part in half marathons and many 10k events I understand training requirements and demands on the physical, as well as mental, body. 

To maintain optimum health and fitness nutrition plays a large part.  Again, this area interests me and I enjoy cooking healthy nutritious food for my family and appreciate the importance of sourcing fresh, quality ingredients.  I do not claim to be a nutritionist but work closely with professionals in this field, so can refer my clients when necessary.

Poor diet can cause preventable diseases and conditions and small changes can make a big impact on improving your health. For example, by adding flax seeds, walnuts and fatty fish such as salmon to your diet, will increase the intake of omega3 fatty acids and benefit your mental health.  Vitamin D is important for women and deficiencies could lead to low emotional well being.

If we are in a good place of health this makes us feel good.  Feeling good is an important part of being healthy. 

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